Ruth A. Hill – the Christian World Traveler – brings you news, sites and destinations associated with Judeo-Christian heritage.

Travel with this purpose touches Bible lands like Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey as well as many destinations in Europe, North America and other regions where historic events and people have shaped the faith.

Today travelers leave home for many reasons, and Ruth endeavors to guide those who want to enrich their spiritual lives. Along the way, she suggests soft adventure activities, shopping, dining and other ideas for getting inside destinations. 

Ruth has been writing for newspapers, magazines and trade publications about the pleasures and industry of global travel for 25 years. Her readers learn why they should consider a small rather than a mega ship cruise in Alaska; what happens when they sign up for a resort spa hot rocks massage; and who really is in charge when they buy a Montana dog sledding adventure. She also uncovers and analyzes travel industry trends for hotel owners and managers, meeting planners, tour operators and travel agents. 

Ruth is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers.


  1. Very attractive and well done!

  2. This is a much better photo!!!

  3. Hi Ruth, will you join us on a trip to Holy Land and Istanbul 2 spaces left, Jan 22 – Feb 01 $ 1279.00 all inclusive from JFK, includes air, taxes, hotels, two meals daily.

    We are offering this education tour to group leaders and travel writers who have an interest in Israel. Please call us if interested 800 842-4842 Select International Tours!

  4. Hello Ruth,

    I noted that you deal with travel related to the Christian Judeo Heritage. A question that has been in my mind for decades, maybe you could answer is “do you know of the first or earliest record of Greek Hadji’s There are many families who have adopted this prefix to their names such as Hajimatheou or Hadejifrangiskou.

    The requirement for this was a visit to The River Jordan in The Holy Land for Baptism.

    • Hello Glen, and thanks for your interest in my columns. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of this record. Do let me know if you learn anything from other sources. – RH

  5. Shalom Ruth and thank you for the knowledge and information about the State of Israel and other important tour sites and location to the Christians at large.
    We long to know more about your visions and missions.
    thank you and |God bless.

  6. Ruth,

    I am visiting the MET in NYC next week and I am hoping to see as many biblical artificats contained there as possible. Do you know of any guides or tours or information that would list the significant artificats held at that museum? Thanks. Andrew

    • Thank you for your interest in my site.

      I unfortunately don’t know anyone at the MET, Andrew, but you might contact Joyce Gold
      http://www.nyctours.com/ She is very knowledgeable and would likely be able to help you out.
      Also do you know about MOBIA? Might be of interest. . .
      Good luck – RH

  7. Hello, Ruth! Thank you for the very well written article in the Washington Times Communities on The Cove and the surrounding areas in Asheville, NC. It was a pleasant surprise to see your very informed article. You write as though you have been here. Have you had the chance? We pray that the information in your article will bless your readers. Thank you again!

    The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove
    A Ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


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