Posted by: faithtravelfocus | September 12, 2010

Explore England’s Christian Sites

If you’ve been to London, you’ve likely stepped inside Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. They’re among England’s most famous Christian heritage sites, but there are many more. Go here for ideas:

Another significant London stop: The British Museum, one of the world’s greatest repositories of global civilization, can consume as much time as you allow it. Founded in 1753, it has a substantial cache of Biblically related artifacts from ancient lands like Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Israel and Judah, and The Levant (Lebanon, Syria and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea). For a good list to guide you through this vast repository, visit Florida College’s retired chair of biblical studies Ferrell Jenkins’ site for a list of artifacts that relate to the Bible. 

Your 10-day tour might start in London where you’ll see the magnificent abbey and the cathedral in all their soaring glory, as well as the Wesley House and Chapel and Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle. 

On into Canterbury, you’ll see England’s Mother Church – Canterbury Cathedral – and hear about Thomas a Becket and the Black Prince. In the charming college town of Oxford, Christ Church College and Cathedral share billing with Lincoln College where John Wesley founded the Holy Club. This was C.S. Lewis’ town too, and his church and burial site are popular stops. 

Next, you can wind the lanes and pastoral beauty of the famed Cotswolds region outside Oxford on the way to York. At Epworth, there’s the birthplace of John and Charles Wesley where you may visit the Old Rectory and Wesley Memorial Church before moving on to the stunning York Minster and the medieval streets of Old York. 

Other stops include Lincoln Castle where Samuel Wesley was imprisoned, and the 500 year-old King’s College in Cambridge with its chapel and marvelous fan-vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. In Olney, have a look at Sutcliff Baptist Church, where renowned missionary William Carey served as pastor. The Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney contains a collection of possessions and manuscripts of William Cowper and Rev. John Newton. Cowper was a prolific poet and writer of Christian hymns, and Newton is best remembered for creating “Amazing Grace,” one of Christendom’s most beloved hymns. 

This itinerary scratches the surface of England’s Christian heritage which of course fans across the United Kingdom into the North of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Along your way, there is literary history, lush green countryside, castles and picturesque towns cloaked in layers of history. And don’t miss Roman ruins like Hadrian’s Wall.   

A lifetime may not be enough to see it all. What do you think?

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